Manual of Shopping Expenses iOS

In the home screen you can change the project with which the user will work, in the lower part the remaining balance of the project in use is displayed. Also, from this screen the user can navigate to the main sections of the application.
Pantalla Inicio
Using projects is very practical to group expenses, each project can have its own balance. To create a project, the user must enter [Projects] after touching [+ New project], immediately it is necessary to write a name and an initial balance, after this the user will be able to charge the expenses that he needs in that project, the application will inform him how much balance you have left for that particular project.
Nuevo proyecto
From the Home screen the user can choose to load an income or an expense to the project, both operations require an amount and a category, optionally, the user can add a description, in addition it can change the date and time of the registration, finally, the green button will perform the function of saving the record.
Agregar registro
Below is an example of how to modify a record that is already saved within the application:
Lista de movimientos a modificar
If the user wants to delete a record, he can do it in the following way:
LIsta de movimientos eliminar
Shopping Expenses has a section of reports, which will allow the user to know in which categories the money of his project has been spent:
Within the options of the application, the user can create more categories, these categories are global and once created can be accessed from any project. Below is an example of how to create a new category:
Opciones, Agregar categoría
Shopping expenses have some features that are paid, the user can access these features when buying a license:
  • Export in XLS and CSV format.
  • Create and recover backups in Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Remove advertising from the application.
Versión pro