Movement list

The elements described below are based on the pro version, it is likely that in the free version some of these elements are not available.
The movements list is one of the most useful sections of the application, from here you can access all the registered income and expenses, by touching any record you can delete or edit to make corrections.
The application has options to filter by month and by year, in this way you can see only the information that the user is interested.


When touching any item in the movement list the application will show the following options: Edit, Delete, Copy.
The first action is to edit the record and make changes, with the second option you can delete any record from the database and with the last option you can create a new record using the characteristics of one that is already saved.
Modificar registro


To export the records it is important to remember that only what is shown in the list will be exported, the user can change the filters to export what he needs, in the current version you can export XLS files to the device, Google Drive, Dropbox and Gmail:


 To filter the list by category, first it is necessary to deactivate + or , only one of the two, later the application will allow the user to choose categories of the account in use, by default “All” is displayed .
In the first screen we deactivate the income, then we touch the item [All], we select the category “Food” and in the last screen on the right we see the result of combining the filters on the list, it is also important to note that the lower part from the screen the total of the items in the list will be displayed.
Filtrar por categoría


Toolbar options, from left to right: search by description, export, ascending or descending order, revenue filter, expenditure filter, category selector. In the second line: selector of the month and selector of the year.

Filtros y búsqueda