Main differences between Daily Expenses 2 and Daily Expenses 3

Many users have asked me what is the difference between version 2 and version 3 of Daily Expenses, I can say that both applications do the same, the main difference between version 2 and 3 is the design.

In version 2 the main screen is composed of a control to change the account, buttons with the most important sections of the application and a balance sheet. To access most sections of the application, the user must always return to the main screen first, then enter another section.

In version 3 the main screen is used mainly to show summaries of your income and expenses, the user can choose the views that are most useful, you can also drag these views to change the order in which it is displayed, this way you will always put the summaries that interest you most in the part above. To add revenue, use a floating button located on the lower right side of the screen. To access other sections of the application we use the side menu, through this menu we can move to almost any part of the application without having to return to the main screen.

The second feature that distinguishes version 3 is the design, the application uses the concepts of “Material design”. Material design is a design concept created by Google where depth, surfaces, edges, shadows and colors play an important role.

Another feature of this philosophy is the use of animations, the application uses the movement to guide the user, making it necessary if one element of the screen is distinguished from the others.

Version 2 shows the use of dark backgrounds and contrasts with bright lines or texts, version 2 seeks to make the screens as clean as possible with well-defined clear spaces, when installing version 3 for the first time the user can see that the funds are clear, although the application also includes an option to use dark backgrounds.

It is important to remember that the application is evolving without losing sight of the characteristics that users prefer, in this case I mean that Daily Expenses is designed so that anyone can keep their accounts, avoiding overly technical terms, cumbersome reports or elaborate forms.

Users who have used version 2, know that to add a new record must do it from the main screen, in version 3 thanks to the floating button the user can add records from the main screen, from the list of movements and from the agenda , with the same button you can do more without leaving the section where the user was exploring.

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  1. Je viens d’acheter la licence, j’ai la version 2, cependant j’ai un gros problème d’entrée de jeu : l’application ne veux pas prendre en compte mes opérations fréquentes. Il a pris en compte les premières et après plus rien. C’est très décevant pour une application que je viens que je viens à peine d’installer sur mon nouveau Samsung S8+. Merci de m’aider à régler rapidement ce bug car j’ai besoin d’avoir ma comptabilité à jour !

    • Hi Nicole

      Thanks for getting in contact!

      Can you send to my email some screenshot showing your list of frequent operations? This will help me understand how you have scheduled your operations.

      Michel Carvajal

  2. I have Daily Expense 2, and it’s BRILLIANT!
    Gives me EVERYTHING I want in one Accounts package.
    However, I can’t access the onboard CALCULATOR.
    Can you help, PLEASE!
    Thanks, Peter.

    • Hi Peter

      The calculator is available in section to add income or in section to add expenses, you can find the button that opens the calculator inside the box where you write the amount.

      Michel Carvajal

  3. First of all great app. I have the pro edition version 2 and have a small problem you might be able to help me with please. I have payments that recur every fortnight but it keeps adding one day. For example payment to me would start on 9th August and in fortnight it should be 23rd but it shows next payment would be 24th (this amounts to 15 days and will throw everything out of line). How can I get it to work properly.

    Many thanks

    • Hi

      I understand what you tell me in your message, what we have here is a problem in the translation of the word, instead of being fortnight it should be biweekly. I regret to report that the application does not have a function that repeats an expense every 14 days.


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  4. Bonjour,
    Je viens d’acheter la licence pro et je découvre l’application qui me paraît intéressante.
    Est il possible de voir les mois à venir avec les virements et prélèvements programmés pour anticiper.

  5. Hi michel,

    You are great application developer.

    I am very big thank full for your this application. Huge thankful to u.

    Your charge is worthfull for licence version.

    I am businessman and have so many cash flow in routine and have to transfer money from one account to other account. Its very great for me to use it for maintaining.
    If suppose i forget to write down expense balance amount will help me to remember. Also i can get easily checkout year back expense by easy search. Really i think you have made this app specifically for me. U will not understand how greatfull to me. I am suggesting this app to so many friends. Some users are ios based so requesting to update it soon.

    Also there is one error, by deleting any transfer entry from one account, its not deleting automatically to other transfer account. Only one account ledger delete entry. Other account remain same. But i m managing this bug my self.

    Thank u michel. If u need any user experience review then mail me any time. A very big thankful to u.

    Also requesting to update for year 2019 on priority.


  6. Buongiorno, non riesco più a esportare il file archivio mediante email, l’applicazione si blocca. Grazie

  7. 1)Can I export the data from expense 2 to exp.3 app ?
    2)I think there is no option to copy accounts and frequent records
    3) I have many expenses which needs 2 digits decimal places which should not round off automatically. Your app only supports rounding off from 1. 50 to 2.00 automatically so is there any way by which I can stop this auto rounding off.

  8. Как мне перенести базу данных за 4 года. Через стандартный метод не получается. Копируется только база за этот год

  9. Pregunta, adquiti la licencia pro en un dispositivo android estoy cambiando a iphone puedo tra sferir mi licencia?

  10. Hi can you plz tell me how to purchase Daily Expense 3 via Huawei app galary because as you know that we don’t have Google app store.
    Thanks in advance.


  12. Salve, non riesco a trovare il file .xls , puoi ripetere dove si trova e se posso cambiare la sua posizione? Grazie

  13. I have been using daily expenses application since 2016. I changed the mobile last week due to my mobile problem but all the old data for my new mobile is not back up to date. Please help me.

  14. Hi, I have a Daily Expenses 3 and using it for about 2 years, app starts restarting unexpectedly on 14.01.22. Could you please help ?

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