About purchases

The following link shows all payment methods accepted by the Google Play Store:
Accepted payment methods on Google Play

You can also buy with Google Cards, these cards are sold in shopping centers:
Google Cards

In the following link you will find several solutions:
Fix payment issues on your account

The license is for life, only a single payment is made at the time of purchase, no monthly payments, no annuities, no extra charge.

The license entitles you to all the updates that are made to the application, in case you change your device you only have to register the device with the same Google account and without any extra charge you can download all the applications that you have already purchased, this includes the license of the application.

If you just bought and the payment was successful, then you will receive a Google mail with a receipt for your purchase. If you do not get the receipt, then it is likely that the purchase is in process, it may also be that Google or the bank have rejected the purchase.

If you bought the license a time ago and your application is shown with the free version:

  • First, check you are using the same Google account with which you purchased the license.
  • Second, verify that you have installed the most recent version of Daily Expenses and Daily Expenses License.

The answer is no, when you have your new device just register it with the same Google account with which you have your current device. Then go to Google Play Store, search and download Daily Expenses License.

About the application

This procedure is useful if you are going to pass the database of a device that you will no longer use to a new one, in the old mobile phone you need to have the database that contains the information and then you will send it to your Google Drive account, finally you will recover the backup on the new cell phone.

For this method to work it is necessary that both devices are registered with the same Google account, also both devices must be configured in the same language.

First, send a backup to Google Drive from the device that contains your records:

Second, install Daily Expenses and Daily Expenses License on your new device:

Third, from your new device it recovers the support that is in Google Drive:

In Daily Expenses 2, reports by category is only available when you acquire the license of the application. In Daily Expenses 3, reports by category are included from the free version.

If you want to know the benefits of acquiring the license, please go to the following link:

Daily Expenses License

In Daily Expenses 3 you can only use three accounts that are Cash, Card 1 and Savings. In order to add more accounts it is necessary to buy the license of the application, in the next link there is more information: Daily Expenses License

Example of how to add an account in the pro version:

Example of how to add categories:

Las categorías que añadas en una cuenta solo serán visibles para esa cuenta, pero puedes copiar categorías que ya tienes en otras cuentas:

Daily Expenses application only works on Android devices, at the moment there is no version for iPad or iPhone. However, at the moment a version is being developed that should work on iOS devices, if everything goes according to plan, the first beta version will be available in August 2018.

The Daily Expenses application only works on Android devices, at the moment there is no PC version and in the short term there are no plans for development in Windows or Mac OS X.

Por el momento ni la versión pro, ni la versión gratuita tienen sincronización, todavía no hay una manera confiable de compartir los datos entre dos dispositivos.

First make sure you have a Dropbox account and preferably install the Dropbox application on your device.

The first time you are going to use Dropbox with Daily Expenses it is necessary to grant permissions. The permit is obtained in the following way:

Next create the backup as shown below:

To protect the integrity of the database, the application does not allow the import of Excel files. The different versions of Excel, the variations of configuration of each country and the so varied form in which a user can organize his data in the cells, would be causes of failures in the application

Export data is a feature of the licensed version, the following example shows how to export the records and send them to Gmail: