The elements described below are based on the pro version, it is likely that in the free version some of these elements are not available.
The home screen presents summaries that offer a quick view of income and expenses.

This button is used to open the drawer or side menu, through this menu, the user can navigate through the main sections of the application.

This button allows the user to enable or disable the views of the main screen.

The floating button serves so that the user can add income, expenses or transfers, when touching this button the three mentioned buttons will be displayed.

Add income

Add expense

Transfer between accounts

Mover vista
To navigate in the application, the lateral drawer is used, the drawer can be accessed in two ways, the first by means of the hamburger button that appears on the upper left side of the toolbar. The second way is to slide your finger across the screen from the left edge to the right side.
Abrir drawer