Reports by date

The elements described below are based on the pro version, it is likely that in the free version some of these elements are not available.
The Daily Expenses application can create several types of reports so that the user has information about their income and expenses for the periods they are interested in knowing.
This section shows the movements you have had within one day, within one month or within one year. You can see all your movements or if you just want income and expenses separately.
To see more details of any item in the list, the user can touch that item, in the image on the right we see the records of August 1, 2017.
From the reports it is also possible to make changes in the records, suppose we have noticed that in the details an expense or income is incorrect, in this case we can touch the record to correct it.
Modificar registro
The application allows the user to export his report. From our report it is possible to generate a bar graph.
Exportar y graficar
Sometimes we require a report that does not fit with a fixed period, examples of fixed periods are daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.
For these cases the application has the option “Per period”, then we can specify which period we would like to see, in the screens below we choose a range from July 20 to August 20.
Reporte por periodo