Frequent records

This section allows you to create repetitive operations, in this way the application can register the movements automatically.
For example if you have to give a monthly payment to pay for your cell phone, a television or anything else, also if you know that you spend a fixed amount every week, every fortnight, etc.
On the right side, the main characteristics of the frequent registration module are shown.
The application is based on basic accounting, so that an expense is not counted as an expense until its collection date arrives, then the frequent records are not taken into account in the movements list or in the reports until it is met scheduled date.
Example: Suppose today is Wednesday, August 2 and I have just created an operation with a start date of Saturday, July 2, there will be 12 repetitions with a weekly period.
When activating and saving the operation, all the records with date before August 2 will be added directly to the movements list, they will also be recorded as real expenses in any balance and report of the application.
The same thing does not happen with the records that are after August 2, these records will remain in reserve until their date is completed, that is, the record [6/12] will be added on August 6, the record [7/12] will be added on August 13 and so on.
Nueva operación
If we want to see which records have created an operation, we can do the following:
Ver registros creados