The elements described below are based on the pro version, it is likely that in the free version some of these elements are not available.
A budget is the amount of money estimated to be necessary to meet certain expenses over a period of time.
Why are budgets useful? Because they allow you to measure how you are spending, it also helps you organize yourself to make your money better.
When creating budgets, you are also defining which expenses are necessary and which are not, in such a way that you can make responsible decisions.
Each budget is assigned to a category, but you can also assign a general budget for all categories of an account.
On the right is a description of the elements that make up a budget, the account, category and the limit set for a period of time. The application calculates the amount that has been spent and the percentage covered so far.
Descripción del elemento
In Daily Expenses it is very easy to create a budget, for this we only have to touch the [New Budget] button, said button is located at the top of the screen.
Nuevo presupuesto
To delete or edit any item in the list we can do it as in any other list of the application, we just have to touch the budget that we want to edit or delete, the application will show a menu.
Eliminar elemento