The elements described below are based on the pro version, it is likely that in the free version some of these elements are not available.
This section creates a calendar with the registered expenses and income, then a general description is shown.
Two screens are shown in the image on the right, only revenues are displayed on the left screen, only expenses are displayed on the right screen.
Filtrar ingresos y gastos
The calendar has two views, on the left the calendar style view is shown, on the right a list style view.
Vista mensual y diaria
When you touch any cell of the calendar, the application will show a list of the income and expenses of the selected day, each item in this list can be edited or deleted, for this you need to touch an item in the list and the application will show a menu with options to edit or delete.
To filter by a category of expenses, first we are going to deactivate the income, immediately we touch the element that says “All”, now we choose a category, in this case “Fuel”.
At the end the application will show in the calendar the days with the total spent in Fuel.
Filtrar por categoría
When we are viewing the list mode we can use the button to export, then we can choose where we are going to send the information.