Manual of Daily Expenses 2


Daily Expenses is an application designed to organize your expenses and your income, record your money movements by date and then review the daily, monthly or annual totals in the reports. Remember that organizing your expenses allows you to have better control over your money.

The main objective of the application is to help the user to organize his personal or business accounting by means of a friendly interface, using terms that are not very technical and creating clean reports that are easy to read.

Daily Expenses is based on the principles of basic accounting. That is, create accounts that have their own balance, make entries (income) and outputs (expenses) of accounts, transfer balance from one account to another. Generate reports of the movements that were applied on a specific date or for a particular concept (category).

To manage an asset account (Cash, Savings, Bank, etc.) you must create an account for income, in this type of accounts the balance is positive because it is money in your favor. When you add an expense your balance decreases and when you add an income, obviously your balance increases, for an income account you must create a positive limit.

Instead to manage accounts of liabilities (Credit cards, Mortgages, Debts, etc.) you must create an account for expenses, where the balance is money you owe. When you add an income the balance decreases and when you add an expense the balance increases, if the balance increases it is because you owe more.